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My favourite colours are blue and black.  I leaned on that HARD with this one.  I wore the skirt for 2 days during Fan Expo.  I did have another outfit lined up, but I was so happy for a chance to wear the skirt that I didn’t want to take it off, hahaha. It was surprisingly comfortable, even for 9hr+ days spent in Artist Alley.

On another note, Mille Noirs (the gothic branch of Mille Fleurs) has become my new favourite makers of corset skirts.  I own over a dozen corset skirts (7 Atelier Pierrot, 3 AatP, 1 Atelier Boz, 1 Excentrique, 3 Mille Noirs, 4 Meta, etc), and Mille Noirs is the ONLY one that uses steel boning.  Even Excentrique only included 2 strips of steel boning and the rest were all spiral steel boning (which I admit, is more comfortable/flexible and for cinching, but not tight-lacing, it is plenty).  I’m in loooove~~<3

Outfit rundown:
Blouse: Surface Spell (dressform pic blouse: Atelier Pierrot)
Skirt: Mille Noirs
Underskirt: Haenuli
Necklace: Handmade by me.
Tights and Shoes: Off-brand

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Many friends were in Montreal this past weekend for Otakuthon eating Mtl smoked meat and taking pictures with the BtSSB guests/models at the con, but I couldn’t go.  Instead, I threw on a lolita dress and ate smoked meat in Toronto instead.  So there!

Outfit rundown:
Hair Corsage: Surface Spell
Necklace and bracelet: Off-brand
Bolero: Metamorphose
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Some random sandals (I got lazy)

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Anti-twinning with xaynie at the Comic-Con meet up in San Deigo.  Lots of fun and my favourite print ever, Meta Swan Lake.  My resting b*tch face game was strong.  I don’t have a single group pic where it was not present.  (I tried to smile normally, I really did…)

Outfit rundown
Blouse: Innocent World (though I switched to another blouse in the solo pic)
JSK and purse: Metamorphose
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: Off-brand
Parasol: Alice and the Pirates
Tiara and necklace: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Hair corsages: Surface Spell
Bracelet: Chocomint

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Hi, do you have a PDF or tutorial on how to make the cat donuts? Please and thank you!
sjcastaneda03 asked

All the donut cats were prizes from crane games in Japan (better know there as UFO catchers) won using some odd combination of skill and sheer luck.  I posted a picture of the machine that I won the mustache ones from here, but if you’re curious about the sort of cute prizes that can be won, I have lots of pictures posted under the UFO catcher tag. =3

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My back up outfit for Enchanted that never got worn.

Outfit rundown
Hair Accessories and Jacket Chain: Handmade by me.
Jacket: Atelier Boz
Brooch: Off-brand
Blouse: Off-brand
Skirt: Atelier Pierrot
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: Fluevog

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A tourist's guide to Tokyo: Written for tourists by a tourist

I’ve been working on some guides for friends of mine who are going to Tokyo or are considering a trip there.  It’s written in a very casual manner and I hope it’ll be both fun to read and useful to people.  Lots of pictures that I hope will help illustrate the topics mentioned.

Here’s a little photo excerpt:

Department Store Basement Gormet Food Halls (depachika) - Food courts are usually thought of as pretty low class in the west, but these department store food halls are stylish, diverse and extremely tasty.  You can find anything from local specialties to guilty pleasures to top notch gormet classics.  Desserts are usually separated into their own area on one end and raw ingredients (raw meat, fish, veggies, etc) on the other end with a wide assortment of ready-to-eat take away offerings in between.  

You can find many of the same foods that can be found in restaurants and convenience stores, though the quality tends to be better than conbini (as expected for the higher prices).

One of my goals for my New Years trip was to try “osechi” which is the traditional food for the first 3 days of the new year.  They’re usually ordered far in advance in sets large enough for an entire family and can be extremely costly.  Depachika was the only place I found individual meal size portions during our trip.

The variety was amazing and  you can have some truly delightful take away meal sets for about $10.

There was even lobster in some of these sets!  I ate until I was full to bursting and still had leftovers.

There are even “customizable” sets where the side dishes are pre-packed and you pick your own main.  In this case, the booth specialized in special types of rice dishes and they pack your set with whichever flavour of special rice you select.

Of course there’s sushi as well, at prices that will rival budget kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi joints to boot.

If you’re really hungry for sushi, there are sushi sets, too.  These sets are super meaty.  You won’t find them skimping on the seafood here.

And if you just want a smorgasbord of goodness, there are lots of booths that offer various chirashi-don, a mix of small pieces of sashimi and sides spread on top of a bed of sushi rice.  Tasty and extremely affordable for big eaters on a budget.  

Plenty of combination bentos as well for those who can’t choose and want a little bit of everything.

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I am an international business lolita, on a very important international business trip.

I love jackets.  They make me feel so tidy and all serious business.

Outfit rundown:
Jacket: Atelier Boz
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Hair corsages: Surface Spell
Necklace: Angelic Pretty (modified by me from a bracelet into a necklace)
Tights: Tutuanna
Boots: Axes Femme

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A couple of Liz Lisa items I picked up.  I’m super surprised that they fit me and aren’t too short (I’m 5’7/170cm tall).  Even more surprised by how crazy comfy they are.  I think I’m hooked.  Gonna wear nothing but Liz Lisa all summer long~~~~<3

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Trying to plan out some outfits to wear with a complete emphasis on range of motion and comfort for an upcoming convention that will be 36 hours of work over 3 days.  Full shirring and stretchy knit for the win.

Outfit rundown:
Dress: Innocent World
Bolero: Metamorphose
Necklace: Axes Femme
Belt: Ozz On

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An older picture of one of my favourite dresses from my favourite indies brand, Haenuli.  This is the Sleeping Beauty print in black.  I wore it in February 2013 for a Valentine’s Day meet up (which I never seem to manage to stay on theme for) along with a necklace that I made after realizing that all my more elegant lolita jewelry was in gold-tone…

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Haenuli
Hair Corsage: Surface Spell
Necklace: Made by me
Purse: Black Peace Now
Everything else: Off-brand

(Outfit photo courtesy of Cadney)